5 – FEAR FACTOR | August 8-12


Dates: August 8th to 12th

THEME: Build that bravery muscle and join us for a week of creepy crawlies, trust exercises, and challenges designed for kids of all ages to face their fears and come out braver!  Your child will participate in bizarre, yet super fun challenges right at our very own dojang, as well as at a surprise off-sight location. Parents can expect kids to come home a bit dirtier this week as clothes will be splashed and possibly mashed with some dirt and bugs.

Camp Highlights: courageous, yet yummy food challenges, blind folds and gently getting kids out of their comfort zones!

TRAINING: Safety and Self-defense – To face our fears we need confidence in our abilities. Whether it’s playing the piano for an audience or answering a question in front of the whole class, confidence in what we know, and how we express that knowledge is paramount to our success in overcoming our fears. This camp will focus on safety and self-defense, as Hwa Rang Do offers hundreds, perhaps even thousands of variations of Hoshinsul (join lock manipulations) and Ilbo Daeryun (defense against kick and punch) techniques for defense. Become confident in yourself and your ability. Develop a practical awareness and safety mindset while learning some of the most effective defense techniques around!

***Please remember, that NO Previous martial art experience is necessary for our camps!  We find a lot of people like getting introduced to Hwa Rang Do through our camps, and then start training long term since getting strong results is also fun here at our school!