Why Tomorrow’s Leading Knights?

Martial Art Jenga at Summer Camp1 – Approach Is One Of A Kind!
Through traditional martial art training, arts & crafts, teaching of virtues & life lessons, each child will grow from the unique approach we use to develop children in the program.

2 – Community Atmosphere
We assist children with relationship building skills, learning to work and play together on an everyday basis.

3 – Growing Leaders
We will broaden perspectives regarding culture and humanity through service opportunities & various teachable opportunities.

4 – Awesome Staff
Our camp comes with staff who are energetic, who will train with you, who will play games with you, have free time with you, have fun with you and most importantly keep you safe.

5 – Memories & Fun Times
Although it’s only a 9am to 5pm day camp, it’s packed with martial art training, hikes to Minnehaha Creek, archery lessons, games, & a new theme each and every week all while being right here in the heart of the Twin Cities.