Our Mission

Tomorrows Leading Knights Martial Art ProgramGuided by the Hwa Rang Do tradition, Tomorrow’s Leading Knights are here to provide a structured program to educate, train, and inspire; in an effort to empower our world, one child at a time. Our mission is to provide care and programming to maximize the potential in every child. We provide a safe environment for children to learn and grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially in order to become leaders in our community and our world.

Tomorrow’s Leading Knights are driven by the knowledge that all children need opportunities and mentorship to develop the self-confidence and self-discipline that leaders carry with them throughout their lives. TLK understands that everyone leads by example every day; we strive to teach children that leadership is less about being “in charge” and more about using ones character to influence others and make positive decisions every day.

The programming offered here in terms of our martial art classes, afterschool, and summer camp program is unparalleled.  Our Academy is deeply committed to,“Empowering Our World, One Child At A Time!”