1 – Secret Agent Camp | June 17-21

Camp Theme: Secret Agent & Sparring Camp

Dates: June 17-21

THEME:  Calling all secret agents and aspiring spies! We have a highly important and top-secret mission, and we need your help. We’ll start the week off by creating state-of-the-art spy gear and learning the basics of being a secret agent including how to decipher codes, training our minds and bodies, and the stories of what other real-life spies have done, as well as being briefed on the specifics of the mysterious camp mission. Then we’ll embark on the job, putting our skills to the test to solve the mystery before time runs out!

TRAINING: Sparring – Are you stealthy? Can you use speed to move undetected and achieve your mission??? This camp will feature the fast-paced skill of sparring! Join us and make your kicks and punches lightning fast, stealthy, and undetectable. This fan-favorite camp will feature sparring concepts that range from beginner to advanced and provide ample creative drills and matching to help enhance your stand-up skill set. A great camp experience that always hits the mark!

***Please remember, that NO Previous martial art experience is necessary for our camps!  We find a lot of people like getting introduced to Hwa Rang Do through our camps, and then start training long term since getting strong results is also fun here at our school!