1 – Mad Scientist Camp | June 19-23

Camp Theme: Mad Scientist Camp

Dates: June 19th to 23rd

THEME:  Are you ready for some serious Tech? Do you love taking things apart and learning how they work? Are you a tinkerer or technician? Then join us for the TLK Mad Scientist Camp! This camp will be filled with tons of hands-on fun STEM experiments.

TRAINING: Forms – In the martial arts, forms epitomize the ideal of structure, function, and beauty, mixed with a dramatic flair for performance! Become the architect, and engineer of your own ability to move with grace, speed, and power. See you there for all the fun!

***Please remember, that NO Previous martial art experience is necessary for our camps!  We find a lot of people like getting introduced to Hwa Rang Do through our camps, and then start training long term since getting strong results is also fun here at our school!