1 – Fitness Fun | June 19-23

Martial Art Focus: Grappling Camp!

Dates: June 19th to 23th

Details: This camp will be all about fitness!  Throughout the week we will be doing fitness challenges, art projects, and games that promote healthy living.  We want to give the kids a chance to be as active as possible going into the summer, and will have good mix of indoor and outdoor activities. We are especially looking forward to our heart pumping “Tennis Ball Madness” Challenge & “Water Day”!

Water day is a chance for the whole team to get crazy!  We invite all the kids to bring in their swimsuits, water soakers, and energy!

The martial arts theme for this camp will be grappling. With its technical and relaxed nature grappling will be a perfect balance for this high energy camp. We will go through everything from basic positions, fundamental body control and movement all the way to escapes, counters and submissions for the advanced kids! This session will also include an inter-camp grappling tournament.