1 – Weaponry Camp — Viking Camp | June 17-21

Martial Art Focus: Weaponry

Camp Theme: Viking – Discover why Nordic history is important to Minnesota!

Dates: June 17th to 21st

Martial Arts Details: The ancient system of Hwa Rang Do uses 108 weapons, and our training this week will be focused on the use of Nunchucks & Long Staff.  Spinning and striking come hand-in-hand with both of these weapons, and our instructors will be helping the kids refine their fundamentals as well as get into some cool tricks & combinations.

Theme Details: Ever wonder where our football team got its name? Or ever wonder where Minnesota gets its rich Viking history? If you are interested in the awesome history of the Nordic Vikings and want to learn more about these ancient warriors and their culture, this camp will be perfect for you! We’ll be focusing on making some awesome Nordic inspired projects as well as exploring the beautiful history of Minnesota in this camp!