6 – ninja warrior Camp | Aug 22-26

Dates: August 23rd to 27th

THEME: Back by popular demand, the beloved Ninja Warrior Week! Your child will not only learn about the physicality of the warrior’s way but also understand the difference between a reactionary warrior and a skillful warrior. With obstacle courses to build the strength of the body and art projects to harness the power of the mind, student will learn to understand the way of the warrior.

Field Trip: Ninja Warrior Course

TRAINING: Fight scene choreography– Fight scene choreography is also back by popular demand! With all of the creativity, learning, training, interactions, and fun, it’s not hard to see why. This year we will be focusing on group demo choreography and creative forms. Combined with the Ninja Warrior theme, this camp is sure to be action-packed, so let’s close the summer with a blast!

***Please remember, that NO Previous martial art experience is necessary for our camps!  We find a lot of people like getting introduced to Hwa Rang Do through our camps, and then start training long term since getting strong results is also fun here at our school!