6 – Production, Stunts, & Choreography Camp | Aug 23-27

Camp Theme: Production, Stunts, & Choreography Camp

Dates: August 23rd to 27th

Theme Details:  Lights! Camera! Action! In this camp we’re going to make a full-on production of your very own movie! At the beginning of camp, we’ll learn the basics of story telling and create our very own tale. As the week goes on, we’ll learn about film production basics including acting, lighting, costume design, and filming. Last, but not least, we’ll get to act out our entire story for our very own production! We hope to see you at this highly creative camp!!

Martial Art Training:  Fight Choreography and Stunts! Keeping with the theme of film production, this camp’s training focus will be on stunts and fight-scene choreography. We’ll be learning techniques for both armed and unarmed action, studying some of the best fight scenes of all-time and crafting our very own choreography that will be featured in the TLK movie. This is sure to be one of our most engaging camps to date, so reserve your space today!

***Please remember, that NO Previous martial art experience is necessary for our camps!  We find a lot of people like getting introduced to Hwa Rang Do through our camps, and then start training long term since getting strong results is also fun here at our school!