5 – Grappling — Wilderness Week | Aug 12-16

Martial Art Focus: Grappling

Theme Detail: Wilderness Survival

Dates: August 12th to 16th

Details: In the animal kingdom, grappling for survival is a fact of life.  Using only one’s body to defend or to attack is not only an empowering skill but also a demonstration of self-sufficiency.  Can you use the principles of leverage and balance to your advantage? Even if you are a smaller person, can your knowledge of technique overpower the muscles of the one who is trying to pin you? Here at Hwa Rang Do we learn how to control any situation with maximum efficacy, and during this camp we will train on the topics of positional wrestling, takedowns, and submissions to become the ultimate grappler!

Theme Details: Want to become an ultimate survivalist when it comes to out-door elements? Then come to this camp to learn how to tie knots, appreciate nature and the natural world, cook amazing outdoor food, make shelters, and other essential wilderness survival skills! This camp will be perfect for any experience level of adventurer with some great outdoor experience as well learning indoors.