4 – Swords – Builders Week | July 29-Aug 2

Martial Art Focus: Swords

Theme Details: Builders Week

Dates: July 19th – Aug 2nd

Details: Gumtoogi is the name for Hwa Rang Do’s unique sword fighting, and it is one of the most dynamic types of matching anyone can experience.  Based off the techniques of the ancient warriors of Korea, the kids in this camp will learn the tactics of how to match with slices and spins using a protective foam sword.  Armor up and jump into the battlefield!

 Theme Details: Come to this camp prepared to innovate with your building skills! We’ll be facing some building challenges throughout the week where we’ll be working with interesting materials to create awesome structures and to solve some cool problems. If you enjoy playing with Legos, K’nex, or designing your own structures out of unique building material, than this camp is for you!