3 – Grappling Camp — Animal World Tour | July 23-27

Martial Art Focus: Grappling Camp

Dates: July 23-27

Details: Come to this all-out action throw down ready to sweat! Our training will be geared from beginner to advanced grapplers. Building from the fundamental positions all the way to advanced submission techniques, this camp will provide more than enough to challenge any level. There will also be plenty of one-on-one matching to sharpen your skills, so come hungry.

Theme Details: In this exciting camp, we’ll be grappling with our inner animals and learning about wild world around us! Each day we’ll journey to a new region of the world to take a look at different animals and what they mean to people that live there. We’ll take a field trip to Como Park to see some exciting animals not native to Minnesota. We’ll even have a guest speaker who works with animals for a living! What’s your inner animal? Come find out in this awesome animal adventure!