3 – Acrobop & Parkour — Creativity Camp | July 15-19

Martial Art Focus: Acrobop & Parkour

Theme Details: Creativity Camp

Dates: July 15th – 19th

Details: The ultimate type of physical creativity is being able to flow constantly with your movements, and one of the best ways to enhance this skill is through gymnastics & parkour. This session of camp will be dedicated to helping the kids move, roll, & wheel around!  There are always fun things for beginners to jump into but we will also push the more advanced kids to greater heights of flips & combinations too.

Theme Details: This is the perfect camp to explore your creative side! We will be using different mediums such as paper, paint, plastic, recycled objects and more to design some of the most creative projects we’ve ever done at TLK! We’ll be talking about art techniques and colors to help create masterpieces throughout the week. During this camp we’ll also be exploring some great art outside of the dojang!