2 – Sparring — STEM Challenge | June 24-28

Martial Art Focus: Sparring

Camp Theme: STEM Challenge

Dates: June 24th – 28th

Details: Developing skills at sparring is one of the most critical aspects of martial art training as life always bounces challenges across our door steps.  However, as one learns to face the challenge of a worthy opponent, what you are really learning is how to solve problems in as quick and efficient way as possible. During this camp we will be drilling our sense of distance & timing, how to strategically create openings, as well as how to counter attack with precision.  The science of the martial arts empower both the body and the mind!

Theme Details: Come and explore the left side of your brain with our fun STEM Camp! Each day will focus on a different aspect of either science, technology, engineering, or math. Whether we spend the day building roller coasters, designing complex Rube Goldberg machines, or exploring weather patterns, any kid would not only find this camp entertaining, but also educational and fun! Along with doing some awesome STEM projects, we’ll also be visiting a local museum to continue our science exploration!