“You know you’re in a fantastic program when you find that your child will come running to you when you pick them up, only to give you a quick hug and say, “Mom, can you come back later? Can I stay longer?” My top 5 reasons why I love this program

  1. Fantastic leadership and staff at the program. Great instructors & teachers!
  2. Hwa Rang Do provides regular athletic activity, core conditioning, leadership skills, and builds a ton of confidence.
  3. There’s a wide variety of activities, including the HRD training, homework time, learning activities, & free play time
  4. They bus from school to the center- a great perk for two working parents
  5. They offer a summer camp when school is out- which is just an extended, special version of the Afterschool group. We love it!”

Jennifer K. ~ Mother of 1st Grader

“I am thrilled to have my kids partake in a program that addresses physical, mental, and emotional development. It’s so much more than just kicks and punching… Don’t hesitate to send your child to the Dojang – It’s a GREAT place for everyone!”

Melissa P. ~ Mother of 2 Children in Program


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