Camp Highlights & Details

The Tomorrow’s Leading Knights Program has been tailored to include many different types of activities that are structured in an effective and dynamic progression for children to participate in everyday. Not only is daily martial art training a part of all the fun, but productive activities and life lessons are an integral part of the experience here at the dojang our school.  Our program is designed for kids entering Kindergarten-7th grade.  We also have an opportunity for kids entering 8th grade and up to be a Jr Camp Counselor!!  For more info on the Jr Camp Counselor Position email our program director for an application or for more info!!

Some Highlights of the Daily Activities:

  • Structured Programming is from 9am to 5pm each day, however Children are welcome arrive between 8:30 and 9am each day to some games and fun to get warmed-up!
  • A structured activity related to the Weekly Camp Theme takes place. Each week of camp has its own theme and mission. Please see the details about each session to get a better feel of the cool and insightful activities the kids will jump into.
  • The morning Martial Art Training session is a solid 1.5 hours of detailed training on a specific topic. While we still will work on the “traditional belt material” each camp also has a focus to help the kids get better at specific topics. Along with, self-defense, agility, acrobatics, sparring, grappling, and foam weapon practice, the training also promotes self-discipline, self-confidence, and personal responsibility.
  • A nutritious lunch is provided for the kids (our lunch partner is the one and only George & the Dragon!), followed by some free time and games. We also try to play outside a little each day too (weather permitting).
  • Another martial art session takes place in the early afternoon, and again continues along the theme of the week in greater detail. As a reminder, we do break up the children into different groups depending on age. Tigers = 5 – 7 Year Olds Juniors = 7 – 12 Year Olds.
  • More activities and programming related to the special theme of the week takes place, as the projects are intended to evolve and develop throughout the entire week so that important “life lessons” and fun times are had. Each week’s theme promotes growth in a fun and exciting way.
  • Along with all of the “structured” activities we also have time to simply play and have fun too, and we will be sure to get one day of archery down by the Minehaha Creek in each week too.
  • Finally, structured activities are done at 5pm and pickups welcome at that time, however, since many parents are working we will keep playtime open for another hour – Last pick-up is at 6pm!

Other Unique Things We Offer,
Martial Art Summer Camp KidsBesides all the awesome martial art training and exciting themed programming during camp weeks…..

  • Delicious Lunches from George & the Dragon
  • Daily Snack
  • Quality Free Time
  • Supervised Hikes to the Minnehaha Creek
  • Games and Martial Art Training OUTSIDE
  • Archery Lessons Every Week
  • Flag Football
  • Foosball
  • Air Hockey
  • Ping Pong
  • Cool Field Trips!!!
  • Wii Games like Just Dance, Resort, Sports, Mario Brothers, Tetris, etc
  • Lot’s of Great Kids to Make Friends and Play With!